About Michael Dadona

About Michael Dadona


May 13, 2010

My Special Thanks To Liza Kassiny (My Affiliate Manager) who introduced me to Weebly.

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1. My life map
2. The beginning
3. Motive

The flow story About Me;

1. My life map 
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My name is Michael Dadona and fondly known as Mike. I am an American living as an expatriate in foreign country while on marketing tasks to various companies. I joined numerous; marketing and social network sites; to let me know for what things are operating on internet in the area of marketing world related to sales from what they are doing.

2. The beginning 
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It's a kind of SNL (Self Nature Learning) in exploring new things while on completing my business tasks. I'm not just like but I love learning and follow the process of learning methodology. Different business owner has their own specific marketing philosophy, they implemented. From here, I'll integrate their-all systems for my input in generating my own output through innovation by creating new and standalone system.

3. Motive Track this topic

Quite a hard thing to build and construct my own bridge which need lots of observations and thorough researches. But, I believe with my learning attitude and practice, this process will be making me and my business world can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Nature adequately channeled me the noteworthy  lessons about behind dark clouds there is silver lining. What I need to do now is to recognize these elements; vision, missions, objectives, competency, managerial ability, technical proficiency, and sources of fund.

That's all from me, for now and thank you for viewing and reading my text of hopes.

The Little Me,
Michael Dadona
Gif animator.